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Mount Pleasant is a large suburban town in Charleston County. The Ravenel Bridge, an eight-lane highway that was completed in 2005, spans the Cooper River and links Mount Pleasant with the city of Charleston. At the foot of the Arthur Ravenel Bridge is Patriots Point, a naval and maritime museum, home to the World War II aircraft carrier USS Yorktown, which is now a museum ship. With multiple parks, numerous special events, three craft breweries and so much more, boring is a word never used to describe Mount Pleasant. Mount Pleasant’s commitment to livability, sustainability and superior service are showcased daily from the top-rate public facilities to the preserved creeks and waterways found throughout the community. With water access, numerous historical sites, recreational opportunities and a growing business force, you’ll always find something incredible in Mount Pleasant

Doubling in population between 1990 and 2000 it one of the state’s fastest-growing areas in South Carolina. The estimated population in 2014 was 77,796.

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